No audio after exporting a screen video file

Windows 10
Before exporting there is both video and audio on playback. After export file, the audio is not there. I turned off my firewall but it did not solve the problem.

Hi Jim,

Please make sure that you export your project by going to the Export tab > selecting Video.
If you use the Export to File option in the Timeline pane, it only exports video or audio based on your selection.


Thank You, HaiYen_Vu…You are so smart. I was looking everywhere in the tutorial and I never saw this.

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I was doing that yet there is still no sound. I even changed the output format to .avi and then to .mp4 when the first one didnt work.

Hi Akosita,

Did you follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial correctly?

Besides, when exporting video, please make sure that the Export Audio checkbox is selected.