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(( [Import PowerPoint]: Add an option to choose whether to import animations to the main timeline or the click sequence timeline. ))

Hi, you have added such an explanation in the new update. how can i put power point animations in main timeline.


From ActivePresenter 9, when importing PowerPoint presentations into ActivePresenter, all the animations will be placed in the Click Sequence timeline. See detail at How to Work with Click Sequence Timeline in ActivePresenter 9
From the latest version - ActivePresenter 9.1.1, we provide a new feature called “Import PowerPoint animations to the main timeline” allowing to import animations of the PowerPoint file to the ActivePresenter main timeline, instead of the Click Sequence one.
To activate it, open the Preferences dialog > Miscellaneous tab > select the Import PowerPoint animations to the main timeline checkbox > OK > Import PowerPoint.

Hope it clarifies.
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