Need to add some shapes and symbols in recording

Problem: unable to insert shapes and symbols in recording

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Hi Manish,

Could you please describe your issue in detail so that we we can understand it better.


Dear Team,

I want to point out any particular topics or content during recording as in circle or rectangle shape.

Please suggest in this regard.

can i add these shapes after recording???

Hi Manish,

Yes, it is very easy to add more callouts to any particular part or content when finish recording.
You can insert a shape then style it in the Format tab or in its Properties pane.
Please refer to this article to get useful information:

Moreover, it is possible to save your customized shape and reuse later in other projects. Object Templates will help you do that.
Feel free to take a closer look at this article:

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Actually when i will do screen recording then how will able to point out with shapes.

After recording, you can freely edit your recorded video.
We cannot add any callouts while recording, unfortunately.