Navigation Play Bar

Problem: I have edited my Player settings to show the Play button on the Play Bar; however, on the home page (first slide), the button does not show up, only the next slide, previous slide, etc. No Play button although I have it selected. Once I click the Next slide button then the Play button shows up on the second slide. Is there a trick to get it to show up on the very first slide?

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows 7


Hi Linda,

Can you please share your project file or the HTML5 output?


The file was too big for me to share. Here are images of the Playbar exported and the settings I have selected.


From what I see, it looks like the player is playing so instead of displaying the Play button it displays the Pause button. This Pause button will change to Play button when the player is pausing or stopping.



From version 7, the Play/Pause button doesn’t change to paused state when the presentation is paused to wait for user input (by using this option of interactive objects, or Pause Presentation action). So you should place a button with Continue Presentation action in your content instead of asking users to click Play button on the toolbar.