NAVIGATING TO A "LABEL" in another scene

I have not been able to figure out a way to do this:

I want to use a button on scene 1 and when that button is clicked the movie will go to scene 2 at 10 seconds in… where I have placed a “label” using Alt L, and called the label “222”. When I use the event handler window for my button on scene 1 and choose the Seek Timeline option, the drop down label list window does not show my label on scene 2, it only shows labels created in scene1 .
Can labels be used in buttons to navigate from point a in one scene to point b in another scene? Hope that makes sense.


The event handler window doesn’t know the context at runtime when actions are executed, it just knows elements, timelines… in the current scene when editing. So you must use Run JavaScript action to jump to a label in another scene. For example, the following script will make the animation jump to label “222” in the main timeline of the scene named “Scene_2”:

  doc.showScene('Scene_2', {sceneTime: '222'});


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Hi toanls,

Good to hear from you it has been a while since I could get back to using Saola Animate.

Anyway, that JavaScript you gave me worked perfectly! Wow, I guess I will need to learn some JavaScript, I had used Flash for so many years that a lot of the scripts were already built in to Flash programs.

Any chance that this feature could be built in to Saola Animate, to be able to create a label and then have it drop down as a choice from any scene to another scene when creating a button or link, it would make creating links to places in other scenes so much quicker? For instance using scenes as book chapters and use a label to go from scene 1(chapter 1) to page 4 of scene 2 (chapter 2).

Thanks again for the reply, that was a HUGE help!


We’ll consider adding option to select time/label for Jump To Scene action if it’s possible.


I forgot to mention that you can use Play Symbol From with the target symbol is the main document (the last one in the list of symbols) to go to a label in a main timeline in any scene.