My recording became black screen, left with voice

Problem: my recording became black screen, left with voice

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.4.0 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.04.29)

OS: Windows 10 Home

I had my full trust on this apps, recorded my 9 hrs of online class with this junk.
All I got was a black screen recording. what is this?
Before my actual recording, I did try at least x4 times it shown me a good recording.
But when it came with 9hrs of recording this crap couldn’t take the stress, and went black screen.
I traced back, it shown me missing source file of 10020_10015.wmv, and left me with 10020_10016 and 10020_10017 files.
Pardon for my language, as the class meant a lot to me.
kinda disappointed with this apps.


From the log that you sent to, you can follow the instructions below to recover the video:

  1. Please find if there are any video files in the following location:
  2. If you see the video file here, you can create a new project from it. Besides, you can also create a new project from the video that you found in this location:
  • Click Open Project in ActivePresenter, and select the video in the project1_files folder. It’ll create a new project from your video.

  • Select Insert > Audio to insert the audio in the project1_files folder to this new project. Or you can drag the audio file into the Canvas area of this new project.

  • Save your new project to another location.

In case you cannot find any video, please try using a file recovery tool to restore deleted files from your computer.

Kindly take note that ActivePresenter is mainly designed for creating training tutorials that normally have a duration of fewer than 1 hour. The longer the recording, the more storage space the recording will take up on your computer.
If you still want to do that, please make sure that you have sizable free disk space, and use the H.264 video codec for recording. (Work with Recording Settings Dialog in ActivePresenter 8)

Best regards,

I could not locate the file, i went back to the log and i found this.

2021-05-29 21:12:52: Error: Failed to copy the file ‘C:\Users(my user name)\AppData\Roaming\ActivePresenter\temp\rl_20210529_111458_92ioiio124_files\10000_Video_001.mkv’ to ‘C:\Users(my user name)\Documents\ActivePresenter.ActivePresenterCachedProjects\Untitled1_files\10015_.mkv’ (error 112: There is not enough space on the disk.)

why it abandoned the file when there is not enough memory, instead asking user to clear the pc memory?
this is pretty risky for fresh user like me.

does this mean, it is totally not save and the mkv file is lost ?


If you don’t find any video files there, it means the video is lost, unfortunately.
I think that the only way to recover your video is by using a recovery tool.
We are trying to improve this feature and sorry for the inconvenience caused.