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Multiple Timelines - positions & Event Dialoue request


Windows 10.

Not sure if this is the expected behaviour - but I’ve added some additional timelines to a project to handle some simple opacity changes. I left the timeline cursor at the end of the timeline and discovered that when exported the project shows the additional timelines from that position not the beginning,

This only happens on the additional timelines not the main one.

Also a couple of requests regarding the event window.

  1. Could the columns maintain their sizes when set. As you move between events or open and close the window the columns are reset to their narrow size.

  2. With the event window open, if you switch element - it remains on the original object.

(Toan Le) #2

Hi Mack,

It’s an unexpected behavior when working with multiple timelines. You need to add corresponding keyframes at the start of the main timeline to overcome this issue.
For example, if you have an additional timeline which animates the opacity of element Div_1, you should at an opacity keyframe for Div_1 element with value 100% at 0s of the main timeline.

Regarding the event dialog requests, I’ll add it to the user request list. I think it’s much better when having those features.