Multiple issues with SCORM into Desire 2 Learn

When using the default settings for both SCORM 2004 and SCORM 1.2 to create, I have the following issues once imported into Desire 2 Learn:

The grade item is not created until you open and play the presentation first.
The user’s completion of the presentation including embedded quizzes is NOT propagated to the grade item if they did this in FULL SCREEN mode.
If they completed the presentation and quizzes in regular view mode, it will still not propagate into the grade item unless they click the forward button underneath the presentation window.

Hi JR,

Can you please check to see if the problem occurs with SCORM 2004 Basic Run-time Package at


I don’t know what this means. I have no control over our D2L system, I am a user only with instructor privileges.

Hi JR,

Since we have no access to D2L system too, so can you please help us to upload the package in above link and test to see if the problem happens or not? It is a standard SCORM package so I think if D2L works correctly, the issue should not happen.


I don’t know what you are asking me to do. You have given me a link to download a file I have no idea what to do with, and a link to a webpage which doesn’t seem to allow me to upload my SCORM file anywhere…? You have to explain in simple steps. :slight_smile:

You just need to upload it to D2L similar to uploading an ActivePresenter SCORM package.


Sorry for being dense… upload what? I’ve already uploaded my activepresenter scorm package to D2L and have those problems I listed. I made an account on the website you sent, uploaded the same scorm package, but the issue is the environment in which the package is tested is not D2L. It says ‘success’ however, when i launched the course it only showed me the same HTML5 preview I see in activepresenter in the first place. Not helpful. I don’t see how that website mimics D2L…

You should download the 2004 basic runtime SCORM package in the above link and upload it as a test course to your D2L environment.


Ok that makes sense. :slight_smile:


This is the error I got from D2L. I was not able to view the content of the golf example. I am able to view the content of ActivePresenter presentation I created and imported, I am also able to complete the quizzes throughout the presentation and the result of the quizzes is propaged to the grade item created by the package upon install. just not if I view the content in fullscrren mode which creates a separate window that you have to close out of to get back to the main D2L site.

I’m looking up info on ‘could not initialize’ and a lot comes up with D2L/Brightspace but it is all in reference to automatically getting yoru content to launch in a new browser window. Theh solution is to NOT allow that to happen.

That is not my issue since my content does not automatically launch in a new browser window. It is on the D2L side where there is a fullscreen button which when pressed, launches a second copy of the content in a new window. It is the info generated in that second copy which is not coming back to D2L.


If there’s any issue happen with the SCORM 2004 Basic Run-time package when importing into D2L then the issue is likely from D2L.
If D2L officially supports SCORM 2004 3rd edition then it must complies with standard required specifications.

This is a technical issue and you should contact D2L and ask for help. I don’t think you can google for a solution yourself.

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to D2L system so we cannot help.

Just in case you misunderstand what I say: This is likely an issue with D2L system. It must be compliant with SCORM 2004 3rd specifications. Please contact their support and ask them why the issue happens.


Thank you. I will do that.