Multiple clics to continue in a clic zone

Problem: When there are multiple clic zones at the same time, and only a continue button, I have to clic same multiple clics that clic zones in screen. For example: There are 5 clic zones and 1 continue button (clic zone), you have to make 6 clics to continue.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.2

OS: Windows 7


This error is solved including 6 Continue actions on Continue button, but this should’nt be like this.
Im using variables for the actions of the normal clic zones.
I don’t know if this was solved previously.


Can you try the following steps:

  • For click zones: Deselect ‘Pause presentation to wait for user input’ check box in Properties panel
  • For Slide: Deselect ‘Auto Advanced’ checkbox
  • Add Continue action to any click zone that you need




Thank you so much. The problem it’s solved.