Multiple Choice Exam Demo

Problem: MC exam

ActivePresenter Version: latest

OS: Mac

Notes: Mr. Nguyen is it possible for you to create a quick video demo of one exam question for my specific use please. So all I need is one question set up and I’ll do the rest.

My problem is that I don’t know if to use master slide or feedback slide or best way to set it all up.

I simply need 100 questions exam template that I can edit questions. They are all multiple choice and have one correct answer. Unlimited attempts. 1 point each. After finishing the review button should show incorrect and the correct with correct answer showing detailed explanation.

Thank you in advance.


Hi John,

Please take a look at the attached sample. In this sample, I create a template with Review Area which only shows while reviewing. You should clone the first slide to insert more questions.

QuestionTemplate.approj (476 KB)

You can also use feedback layer to display complex feedback. However, there are 100 questions so it will take time.
And here is the video that I recorded while creating this sample:


This is exactly what I needed thank you so much.

quick question, during the review there is review area but it only displays for a second and then it disappears, anyway to change that so that it stay on the screen until you click to next?

last thing also i don’t want to show during the test mode the correct or incorrect choices, only during the review. Is that possible?

also can I show the review during the exam?

Yes, it’s possible. Please uncheck the Hide After option for the Show Object action:

QuestionTemplate.approj (476 KB)

ActivePresenter provides the apReviewMode variable for checking if presentation in review mode or not. For showing correct and incorrect check mark, you can use Show Responses Action.


To get full capabilities of ActivePresenter you should spend time on our tutorials.


i am reading the manuals and then also watching youtube videos, some show active 6 and some 7 on windows and I’m on mac so little bit confusing, but thank you so much for your help.

ok, so I unchecked all showing during interactions and it still shows in test mode, why?

I simply don’t want it to show correct and incorrect on test mode, I want it to show only in review mode, please help.

Did you mean that you don’t want to show the below message while users do the test?

Yes please that would be great

You should remove the Show Feedback Layer action in On Correct/On Incorrect event.

QuestionTemplate_NotShowFeedback.approj (476 KB)


thank you so much, it works.

is there a way to display the review area during the test?

You should use Show Object action to display the Review Area. In addition, you can combine Action with Condition to meet your needs.

Can you please add it to the sample demo? This is the last thing I need please.

I don’t see the options for labeling multiple choices abcd? Because I’d like to shuffle answers.

Here you are:
QuestionTemplate_NotShowFeedback.approj (492 KB)

Unfortunately, there is no labeling option for multiple choices question.