Moving Sprite background

Problem: Unable to make the background image from move in opposite direction of sprite

Saola Animate version: 2.6



Am currently new to Saola Animate and i have gone through all the videos. But non of the videos explain how i can make the background movable in opposite direction of the sprite. Just like this;

  1. How do i animate it to move in such direction?
  2. How can i add more scenes with different background image to move in the same sequence.

Thank you

Hi Larry,

You can animate Background Image X property of the background image in Properties pane > General > Image:

  1. Prepare a background image that its width is larger than scene width plus moving distance (so that it still fills entire scene when moving).
  2. Insert it as an image element.
  3. In Properties pane of the image element > General tab > Image > Background Image section: change Width and Height to px unit to make the background show its actual size.
  4. Also in the above section, add Background Image X animation: animate from negative value to 0 to move from left to right.
  5. In Properties pane > Position & Size tab: reduce image element (not image background) width to fit scene width (set it to 100%)

Iā€™m not sure what do you mean, but you can clone or add a new scene from Scene menu, or right-click menu in Scenes pane.


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