Moving Multiple Group Objects on timeline

Problem: when multiple objects including a group object are selected and moved on a timeline the objects within the group object move but the group object itself remains stationary

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.7

OS: win 11



To move a group object on the Timeline pane, you have to select the first line of your group object, then you can drag all the objects in the group along the timeline.
For a better illustration, see the image below:



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thanks for the reply. It’s not quite what I meant. Below is a link to a quick screen record showing what I mean.

You can see dragging Text Caption_794 causes the 2 group objects to not move with the rest of the objects, while dragging Group Object_820 causes that one to move properly, but not Group Object_819 above it.

Thanks for describing this in more detail. Now I understand what you mean.
Let me explain to you two cases about group objects.

  • Select child object:
    When selecting one or all the child objects in a group object on the Timeline pane, you will see that the group object time bar (the first line of the group object) will also be highlighted. But it doesn’t mean that the group object is being selected.
    For example, I selected the Image_8 object in Group Object 12:

  • Select the group object time bar:
    If you select the group object by clicking the first line of the group object on the Timeline pane, it means that the whole of its child objects are selected, even when the child ones are not highlighted.

So, to move multiple group objects on the Timeline, just select the first line of the group object:

Hope that it clarifies.

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I was using the shift key to select every object between first and last, if I then go through and use control to deselect and then reselect the group objects the behaviour is fixed.

Many thanks for your help.