Movie display WEBM with Alpha doesn't work at design time

Problem: When using a WEBM movie that includes an alpha channel the movie displays very poorly (i.e. digital noise or badly broken up) or not all in the designer. The movie plays correctly when the scene is tested. The movie also doesn’t scrub at all when moving the playhead.

Saola Animate version: Required.
OS: Required.

We tested this with a full frame movie. If we render the movie as WEBM with no alpha then it works fine in the designer and at playout. With ALPHA present it does not display in the designer.

The file is
sample file


We will try to make improvements in editor so that it will support this type of video better in future releases.
Regarding this case, you can use Saola Animate to create animation directly instead of using video.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.