Mouse curzor and click annotations

I want to make a screen video showing my mouse curzor but I do not want the boxes with left click and right click coming up. How can I turn those off please?
Also I have made some video with these boxes coming up, can I remove them after shooting the video please or do i have to change the setting and remake all the video


If you are using the Record Screen as Video feature, you can enable editing mouse cursor and mouse clicks before starting to record videos to change the mouse cursor effect later by checking the options Record Mouse Cursor and Cursor Effect: On.
Please refer to this tutorial for more information: Change Mouse Cursor and Mouse Clicks in Captured Videos -

If you are using the Record Software Simulation feature which gives out the output of many slides with mouse clicks, you can disable all the annotations and mouse click interactions before recording if you don’t want them.
To get it done, open the Record Settings dialog by clicking (1) > Annotation tab > clear Annotation and Mouse Click Interaction check box (2) > Save .

Kindly check again which case you are in to have proper solutions.
Let me know if there’s anything unclear.

Quynh Anh