More than one audio clip on one slide

Problem: Can I add two or even more audio clips on one single slide? And how do I define which plays first and when does the second start?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows 10


Hi Dolores,

Yes, you can add as many audio tracks as you want into a single slide.
Please refer to this tutorial to know how to insert audio:

After being inserted into the slide, the audio object time bars will be shown in the Timeline pane like this:
You can define the start time of each audio track by dragging it along the timeline ruler to a timestamp you want.


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I’m still having problems with the following:
I’m preparing a quiz which includes a “sequence” question. I’d like to add audio for each of the sequences so my students would have to put the sounds in the correct order.
What is the easiest way to record these audios? I’ve tried recording audio for each sequence, but the audios overlap when I test the question.

Hi Dolores,

You can import external audio into your project, or use the Record Narration feature to record your voice in the editor.(How to Record Narration in ActivePresenter 8 - Atomi Systems, Inc.)
To avoid audio overlap in a sequence question, you can add a transparent shape that covers the answer options. Then, use events-actions to control this transparent shape and audio playing.

Here is a sample for your reference:
audio in sequence question.approj (3.9 MB)