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Moltiplicate the mouse x, y position


Problem:For get an high resolution video (1080p) I riscaled the images in my slides from 1440x810 to 1920x1080. Now is it possible to moltiplicate all the x and y coordinates of the cursor path for the same factor of the rescale (1080/810=1.3333)?
Thanks a lots.

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.6

OS: windows 7 32bit


(Nam Nguyen) #2


Unfortunately, ActivePresenter 6 doesn’t allow to change project size. You should upgrade to ActivePresenter 7 which can change project size with scale options.



Thanks for your fast reply. My only problem is with the x, y positions of the mouse path. Is there a JavaScript for moltiply this positions for 1.33? I’ve a 32bit Windows 7 I can’t upgrade.

(Nam Nguyen) #4


It seems that there is no way to do it by JavaScript.

If possible, please send us your project file so we can help to update the cursor path position.



In AP6 it is possible manipulate all the coordinate point x and y of the cursor path one by one, therefore I can change by myself all the coordinate with the 1.33*coordinate, but obviously this is a very tedious thing to do for all slides.
I think that the x and y coordinate of the cursor path are keep in some kind of vector inside AP. I can copy and paste this coordiante from one slide to another. How can edit it? Is there some software that can read this coordinate and edit it?
At the moment I make 720p videos using the screen smartcapture of AP of a PDF presentation. I capture the path of the cursor and the PDF presentation at 1440x810. When I create the video I get a video of 1440x810 that I post on my YouTube Channel, the effect is fine, because the video fill all the YouTube viewer, but the video is only 720p.
I can easily change the resolution of images of the presentations from 1440x810 to 1920x1080, without losing quality, but when I paste the cursor path from the 1440x810 capture to the 1920x1080 slide the path is that for 1440x810 therefore is a bit too little.


Thanks I’ve solve the problem with a script in AutoHotkey that multiply the x, y coordinates one by one.

(Nam Nguyen) #7


It sounds good that you’ve solved the problem by your self. Feel free to ask if you need other help.