Module completion tracking on Docebo (SCORM)


I’m using Practice and Test Scorm exports on Docebo.
With test, users must listen to it chronologically and entirely until the last slide when the presentation ends.
Docebo then records this part as complete (passing condition set to 0).

But with practice (unlocked after the test version) users can freely navigate to desired parts - problem is that Docebo does not consider this part complete as long as you don’t reach the last slide with the presentation end code.
I tried putting an “end presentation if practice” and the beginning followed by a restart from slide 2 and in this case Docebo records it as complete immediately -the problem then is that the interactive parts just play through, no user input possible - and this regardless of the restart.

Is there a way to indicate the module as complete (for Docebo) from slide 1 whilst still ensuring the interactive parts can work?

Thanks a lot,

In fact I changed a few items with the restart function and it seems be to working now.
This can be closed it seems. Regards, M