Modification of default recording size (software simulation)

Hello everybody,

My project size amounts Full HD (1920x1080px). Nevertheless I am using a different size for software simulation recordings (2/3 of project = 1280x1080px). After recording is completed i use it as “fill background” in my project.

Is there a way to define a deafault recording size inside a project?

It happens frequently that i forget to change the size manually and start to record with wrong settings. Additionally it would be a good setting just for convenience of software.


Thanks in advance and best regards,

Hi Marcel,

Unfortunately, there is no way to set a default recording size which is different from project size. We will improve it in future release.

Thank you for your suggestion.


The default recording size depends on your project settings. If you set default project setting to 1920x1080, then when you open the recording toolbar, it will be 1920x1080.

Thanky you for the feedback.

Have a nice day!