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Missing video link


I record video in a projet. When I want to open it again, it says that the video is missing. I have to do all the project again and even with that, It’s no garanties it won’t do it again.
See the warning message below.


ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.1

OS: windows 8

Good day,



I cut the video several times. Activpresenter creates files next to the .approj with the .mkv in it.
In the project, the differents parts of the video have new names and the type “video” changes in “objects”.

Name of the first video :
Name of the second :

NAme of the third :

Could you help me ? New procedure ?



(Toan Le) #3

Hi Lucie,

For performance reason, ActivePresenter stores large media files in an external data folder named in the pattern projectFileName_files. You should copy/rename this folder when copying/renaming your project.

For the second issue, each line in Timeline can contain multiple objects which are not overlapped each other.
When a line contains more than one object, it can’t display all object names at the left, so it shows “Objects” instead. You can drag each object (or right-click > Move Up/Down into a New Line) to move it to another line so that each line contains only one object if you want.




Ok I understand the need for a file and the objet line.
But, I still have problems with the link between the file containing the first video and my project with the modified video (cut, ect). I understand when I forgot to copy the file the is indeed missing. But I have the original on my computer. And I didn’t change anything…

(Toan Le) #5

Hi Lucie,

Can you please share the log file ActivePresenter.log in %APPDATA%\ActivePresenter folder so that we can check?




I found the solution. The name of the video file wasn’t the same as the one in Activ. Apparently it hadn’t change automatically. When I changed it, it worked again.