Millionnaire Game Question

I am recreating the Millionnaire game quiz and putting my own spin on it with different images, etc. One question I have is in the tutorial it shows how to set up the Quit button. However, in the sample game, The Quit button never appears anytime throughout playing the game. I have failed and I have played up to the end and won the game, but never see the Quit button. I don’t think it’s necessary, but was curious as to why it’s there in the sample and the instructions, if it’s not used. Unless I’m doing something wrong.

Active Presenter: 7.2.3 Professional
Windows 7

Hi Linda,

In the Millionaire Quiz, the Quit button always appears as a green left arrow at the bottom left corner of the screen. It allows players to quit (of course) at any time they like. A player can hit the Quiz button when he wants another chance to play the game.


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