Migrating files

Problem: Inability to move/ migrate files to other spaces

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.4

OS: Windows 10

Hi I’m having some internal storage issues. I need to make some more video files so ideally I want to move/ migrate files to elsewhere (ideally the cloud).
I do screencaptures and edit videos both with the AP.
However, I have experienced before that moving/ migrating files it corrupts the .approj file, or rather it states the ‘Resource file is not found’. Now I do understand that the screencap is a separate .mkv file.

I have tried to migrate a video folder to the cloud, with all the folders that AP creates in the process, and thereafter re-downloading it to my local drive as a whole in the same location. But it still corrupts the file.

Is there a way to migrate files to the cloud and still be able to open the file thereafter to make adjustments with the screencapture still working?


What does the message say when you open the corrupted file?
If it is “Resource file is not found”, please put the external folder in the right location (PROJECT_FILE_files).
For your reference, see this video: How to Send Projects with External Data Folders - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube

Besides, this issue may occur because of the synchronization while the project is working.


Hi Quynh,

Thanks for the swift responde, but that is my issue: there is no ‘right location’.

For example:
At this moment I have all my AP files (folders that automatically get created) on my desktop in a custom folder - this includes the .mkv and the .approj files and all the folders that come with it.

Ideally I would like to move these folders to another directory, specifically I would like to move all files and folders as they are to the cloud.
However, I suspect that when I do that and I reopen the files to make adjustments to the project the .mkv file resource could not be found.
The issue is that the .mkv file is in the same folder as the .approj file, but I just moved both to the cloud.

Is that an issue that has a fix? Or is there no possibility to move files to the cloud/ or move files at all?
If it can’t be moved to a cloud, would it be possible to move those to an external harddrive?


Could you please share the log file so we can check? To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon).
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Click View Log.


Hi ,

ActivePresenter.log (500.8 KB)

To sharpen the case a bit:

  • I have a copy of the original files (.mkv and .approj) on my internal laptop storage
  • Those files have synced copies in my cloudservice (OneDrive).
  • When I open the .approj file through my internal storage it does not give the Resource file is not found-error
  • When I open the .approj file through the cloud storage it does give the Resource file is not found-error


Thanks for your information.
We could not reproduce the issue in our tests. Can you please create a short video for the step 4? I am not sure that I understand it exactly.