Mensagem: Recurso de arquivo não encontrado

Bom dia! Instalei o ActivePresenter porém quando vou abrir um arquivo que recebi a aprece a seguinte mendagem: “Recurso de arquivo não encontrado”. O que pode estar acontecendo?

Hi Juliana,

As explain in the response email, ActivePresenter stores large audio/video resources (greater than 50MB) of a project in an external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files.
In some cases, the “Resources file not found” issue may be caused:

  • The project and its external folder have different names.
  • The project and its external folder are placed in different locations.
  • Send a project to others without sending its external folder.

So, if you moved or renamed the external data folder, you first need to move it back to the project location or rename either the project or the external folder as long as they have the same name.

Please watch this video for easy visualization:

Best regards,