Maybe a Font-Size Bug

Hello everybody,

I have made a headline (H1) with 64px.
However, in the exported HTML file, the headline is displayed with 128px.


Here is the .saola-File:

Hi Arnie,

It’s not a bug. 64px is the font size of the text container, not the text content. The text content will inherit this font size if it is not set to another one. If you use div tag you’ll see it’s exact at 64px.

But in case of h1 tag, browsers usually set its font size to 2em by default, so it’s twice as large as its parent. If you don’t want this browser default behavior, you should not use h1 tag, or you can select text inside h1 tag and set its font size explicitly to override browser setting.


Good to know.
Thank you for your explanation