May I undo a video cut

Problem: I made a video cut, but I want to undo and change it. How can I do that?
In the attached example, I made a cut at 5:40 and I´d like to expand this part again to reduce the cut.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.12

OS: Win 10


Hi Hans,

If you are editing your project, to undo the cut range action: Click the drop-down arrow of the Undo last action button, then in a list of previous actions, please select Cut Range. This action will undo all recent actions from the Cut Range action:

Cut Range
This tip will be helpful if you just take a few editing actions. Otherwise, it will take time to find the action you want to undo.

In another case, if you cut the range, then save and close your project, you can drag the original video in the Audio and Video tab of the Resource pane to the Canvas to edit it again:
resource pane
Note that you will see two videos in this tab, one with MP4 format and one with Logical media format, please drag the video with MP4 format to the Canvas to edit.