Masterslide: Keep text in text fields

Hello everybody,

our footer for example will always have the same text (company url).

But using a footer placeholder the text field in a new slide is always empty. Therefore we have to fill in the url again and again.

How can we keep the text in a footer placeholder?
Buttons for example keep the text.

Hi Mike,
To insert a footer in your project, in the Insert tab > click Footer > type text in the Footer box. For more information, please refer to this tutorial:

When using slide master to insert footer, please make sure to insert exactly the slide layout that you have customized in the Slide Master View to your project.
More information about Slide Master:

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Do you understand what I mean? (I already read the documentation)

We create a new slide based on a master slide. And we want the text (“More than one answer can be correct …”) of the masterslide textfield to appear in every new slide.
But unfortunately the textfield is empty.

How can we make the textfield keep the entered text?
A Button keeps the entered text (“Next Challenge”).

See pictures attached.

Ok, I understand now. Thank you for clarifying the issue.
Actually, the placeholder is working as designed. Its function is just for adding a placeholder to the slide, and you have to adjust it manually in the normal view. (e.g. adding content to it like text, images,…).
In this case, if you want the text to appear in every new slide, you should insert a shape instead of a placeholder and type text into it.

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