Masking in video

Is there a way to create a mask for a video resource, like in some other video editing software? To be more specific, I have recorded a presentation of my screen (the first video stream) along with the webcam (a second video stream). I want to put the webcam stream on top of the first stream at the bottom of the screen (picture-in-picture). I am able to do this but the image of the webcam is rectangular; I want it to be circular, to have my head show in a small circle at the bottom right of the final product.
Is there any way to do this in ActivePresenter?

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter 8

OS: Mac

Notes: Thanks for any suggestion you might have.


The current version of ActivePresenter hasn’t supported to change the shape of webcam recorded video, unfortunately.
However, you can consider using Spotlight and the Green Screen effect to see if it helps. Please follows the steps below:

  • Create a new blank project then copy and paste your webcam video into it.
  • Access the Insert tab > click Spotlight.
  • Adjust the Spotlight to cover the outside area. You can also change its shape by clicking Format > Change Shape.
    You may want to take a look at this tutorial to grab more information:
  • Adjust the Fill of the Spotlight, set its color to green and Opacity to 255, for example.
  • Export the project to a MKV video file.
  • Import the exported MKV file to your original project and apply the Green screen effect as described in Use Green Screen Effect tutorial.

After finishing, you can get the result as the example image below:

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Thank you so much Thuy!

It is a bit involved, but it does work.

Thank you for this great software. I am teaching at the university and will use it for next term. I will also let the other teachers know about it!

Have a great weekend,


Hi Alain,

Thanks for your nice words. We are glad to hear that it works now.

Have a good time,