Many objects on one slide and mouse cursor/object

I have a question from a more experienced person who has done something bigger in Active Presenter and has an overview.

How would you guys do it, won’t there be any problem if there is a lot on one slide?

It’s a menu (attachment) that will be displayed as usual when you hover. For each menu/item a description would be displayed, with a link to another slide for a larger description. Each menu would be like the “images” themselves.

Video attached:
Switches when you hover over the “wheel” menu in another language.
Can Active Presenter tell what object the mouse cursor is over?
My point is to use a key (like A) instead of a scroll wheel, and to switch the image with the menu over which the mouse cursor is, in another language.

Hi Jiri,

Could you please send the project so that we can check?
You can drop your file here or send it to