Manage or clear browser memory (HTML5 output)


I have a challenge that I have many text boxes and images to be loaded on click based on buttons.

Say I have 10 text boxes and 10 buttons. if I click 1 button, relevant text box will appear. 9 text boxes will have to be hidden. So I have to write 10 on click actions (crude way). If you consider same logic for all 10 buttons and text boxes. the code written for a particular slide would be 100 times (10 code lines x 10 buttons). Complexity gets added when I use shapes to highlight important areas and also load images. Grouping them is a solution but memory and browser processing is a problem.

Need to find simpler logic to do this. What happens is if I click buttons quite fast (considering mischievous user), browser gets hung and nothing can be displayed.

Possible solutions?

  1. Have some JavaScript code written to handle this. I cannot do it as I don’t know coding. Please help if you have one in stock or can help write one and I can then tweak it bit to suit my requirement.

  2. Place 10 text boxes on same layer (say at every 5 seconds on timeline) and give some code which will stop at a particular time (seconds). This will help manage the browser processing and memory quite well. The question is what code/option needs to be used in such case.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Shri,

In your case, I think using JavaScript just reduces the editing time, and the output file size.
It doesn’t help improve the performance when running the output on browsers.
Can you please send your project to so that I can check what make the browser hang?