Making bookmarks while recording

While recording, I often want to mark specific moments so I can later quickly return to them to edit them or do something else like insert captions etc. Is there any option to do so now, maybe even via some other feature that can be hijacked for this purpose. If not, could you consider adding it ?

So if I record a 30 minutes video and and press moment marker global hotkey 10 times in various moments I want to later be able to quickly jump to those moments (ideally by clicking element in the list, less ideally using visual cues). As for possible operations, typical CRUD would suffice and some convenience attributes such as name and description of the bookmark.

In short, this feature provides one to have named collection of bookmarks (something typical in video players).


The ActivePresenter current version hasn’t supported this feature yet.
We will consider implementing it if there are more requests from users.

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Hi, I too would love this feature not only while recoding, but even while editing