Making a Symbol, loop

Problem: What is the correct way to make a Symbol loop and play continuously?

Saola Animate version: Required. 2.7.1

OS: Required. Windows 10


I spent all day today figuring out how to make a symbol loop continuously after placing it in a scene. I don’t know if I am doing this correctly, maybe there is an easier way?
I am uploading a screen recording and also a package file. If you would have a look and tell me if I am doing this correctly, thanks.

Radar_package.saolapack (376.8 KB)

Hi Locky,

There are various ways to loop a symbol. It usually takes two steps:

  1. Make the symbol document to loop itself.
    Adding a trigger to restart the main timeline of the symbol document as what you did is the preferred way.
  2. Play the symbol element in another document.
    You can use AutoPlay or a symbol action such as Start Symbol to play the symbol.
    Using a symbol action when you want to start the symbol by an event, or at a specific time of the outer timeline (by using a trigger).
    Symbol playback animation in the outer timeline can also be use to play and sync the symbol with the outer timeline. But this type of animation doesn’t know if a symbol is looped, so it’ll stop the symbol when the symbol reaches to the end. That’s why you see your symbol only play once when using a symbol playback animation.


Hi ToanLS,

That clears up a lot, especially what you said here:

Thanks for your help!