Make object visible on next slide using JavaScript


I have two slides.
On the first slide there is an object the state of which is ‘invisible’.
On the second slide, there is a button. If I click on that button, I want it to open the first slide at a specific timestamp and to show that invisible object, so to set the state ‘visible’.
I managed that the slide opens at the time I wish, but I do not get the object to show.
Where is my mistake?
(I am only a Newbie to Javascript.)

prez.slideTime (95000);
prez.object(‘shape’).show(); //does not work
prez.object(‘shape’).visible(); //does not work


ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Win10

Hi Augustin,

The following script should work:

// show the first slide (index 1) at 95 second)
prez.showSlideAt(1, {slideTime: 95000});
// show the object
prez.object('object name').show();


Hi Toan Le,

that works prerfectly.
Thank you very much!