Maintain zoom/pan position across slide break

Is it possible to maintain the zoom/pan position across a slide break? I have a long explanation and it will be useful to split it across several slides - to make it easier for students to quickly jump to the right bits when it is saved as html5.

I’m demonstrating some excel functions, so I have zoomed in to a portion of a spreadsheet for part of the explanation, so it is easier to see what I type.

But,if I introduce slide breaks in this section, the zoo/pan resets to full slide view on the new slide. Is it possible to maintain a zoom across a slide break?

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Hi David,

To maintain the zoom-n-pan position across a slide break, you need to insert another zoom-n-pan to the beginning of the 2nd slide and adjust its duration to 0. Make sure the zoom-n-pan has the same size and position as those in the 1st slide.

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Thank you - I had had the same thought, after emailing yesterday. As a work around, it is great, but it would still be nice if zoom/pan could be set to “play across multiple slides” like we can do with sound.

(I’m sure it won’t be a top priority though!)