M%odifiy position and size of elements


I have been using ActivePresenter 8 since today. And I meet some concerns. Thus, it is now impossible to modify, with the keyboard, the size and the position of the elements, like a video. I have to use the small arrow tabs, and move them by clicking with the mouse, from 1 pixel to 1 pixel. It’s very, very annoying. This problem appears as well with all the video sequences: those that I had inserted in the file BEFORE going to version 8, that those which I insert today, since I passed to version 8 inserted before upgrade to version 8.

Can you help me ?

With a new file created with ActivePresenter 8, I havn’t any problem. The problem is only with files made with ActivePresente 7, and modified with ActivePresenter 8.

Hi Gilloo,

We couldn’t reproduce the issue in our tests. Can you please share a small sample project which has the issue so we can check?


It was just a bug. I closed the application and restarted it. And there, the files and the elements behave normally. Sorry to have bothered you.

Thanks for letting us know. We are glad to hear your problem solved.