Load a PDF in Html Widget

I can load another web page fine in the Html Widget
BUT, it won’t load a PDF that is online.
The widget is just all gray… no pdf content at all

Saola Animate version:

Win 7


Okay… I tried couple times more and it worked. However, the online PDF doesn’t display the toolbar that you normally see when viewing a pdf online. You know, the toolbar that allows you to save or print.

Hi Frank,

It seems that it’s a limitation of Edge browser.
You can right-click on PDF content to show a context menu with Print and Save As commands.


I am not using Edge… when i test the project, Chrome is my default browser.

When I view the PDF normally with chrome, the toolbar does show.

It just doesn’t show when testing the project either through the IDE or directly from the harddrive.

Here is a screen shot between Soala’s output and a competitor’s output.
The competitors output works.

But, I don’t want to use a competitors software.

Also, when is there going to be an update. Its been a while.

I didn’t notice that you’re using Windows 7, my apologies.
I don’t have Windows 7 now, I’ll check it tomorrow.


Hi Frank,

We’ve tested on Chrome in Windows 7, the toolbar will show when hovering the mouse over the top edge of the element.
Maybe there’s something (transparent) that covers the top edge of the HTML Widget so the widget doesn’t receive mouse event.
If it’s not the case, please share your project package for checking (though this type of issue may not be related to Saola Animate, it doesn’t and can’t control how browsers show PDF documents)


The widget is the only thing in the project

Here is zip

Test.zip (123.3 KB)

Hi Frank,

It turns out that Chrome doesn’t show the PDF toolbar if the element size is small.
You can try increasing the element height to 300px to see the toolbar.


Hmmm… isn’t that interesting.
Welll… it works resizing it.