Little problem to resize the image (png)

Problem: Soala Animate cannot resize png correctly (maybe also for other picture formats).

  • Problem1: Resize by properties does not working as the mouse does.
  • Problem2: It is useless to press [Ctrl + Z] to Undo “resize” while the focus is on a property field
    (for example, Width, Height).

Saola Animate version: 2.7.1.

OS: Win10 (64-bit).

Here is the detail repeatable steps for my problem 1:
Step1. download a free testing image (png)
Step2. add it into Resource pane, then drag it to edit area.
Step3. it is no problem to use mouse to adjust then resize it,
but if you use Properties - Image - Width, Height to modify value
then you can see what I mean:
the image resize “in” its own area (not like the action what mouse does).

Thank you !


It seems that you set Width/Height in Background Image section, it’ll change the background image size, not the element size.
To change element size, you should set Width/Height in Position & Size section:

About the problem 2, it’s not possible to use a hotkey to undo when a property field is focused. We’ll try to improve it but I’m not sure if it’s possible.


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