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I have created the tutorial, and just wanted to know how to create a link for my students to do the course?

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You should upload your course to a web server or an LMS so your students can access the course.


Thank you, but sorry, not sure what you mean as I am all new to this … and I can’t seem to find the steps in the Manual. We are not using a LMS as we are a small company.


ActivePresenter is an elearning authoring tool which only helps you with elearning content creation.

You will need a web server to distribute your contents to the audiences, or you’ll need an LMS as a complete elearning content management system if you need. An LMS will also allow you to manage learners and track their progress, manage learning courses, define learning paths,…

There are some LMSes offerred as SaaS cloud service like SCORM Cloud, TalentLMS,… Which charge monthly or yearly fees for your actual usage.