Lesson Playback Glitches

Problem: Once a project is published, users are sometimes experiencing sections of the lesson screen “blacking out” and the whirring “thinking” wheel during playback. This occurs at different times of the lesson, and sometimes not at all.

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.5.7 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2022.05.16)

OS: Windows


The preloader indicates that the content is being loaded.
In case it appears more often and longer than usual, please check your project again.
If there are large image or video files, please try to reduce/optimize the file size.
Refer to this video for helpful information: How to Resize Image and Reduce its File Size - ActivePresenter 8 - YouTube
Then, you can publish your project again.


Many thanks for your fast response! I also wonder whether the “Shrink Project” tool would help here?

As you may know, a project containing unused resources can increase in size.
So, shrinking a project helps to reduce project size (.approj) by deleting unused resources.
In fact, it doesn’t affect the output, Noma.
This shrinking option is helpful if you want to share the project (.approj) with others.