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Leave videos the way they are

Problem: Is it possible to leave the videos that I import into Active presenter the way they are? Right now, AP8 is re-rendering them and making them bigger than I want.
If that’s not possible, I would love to submit it as a feature request.

ActivePresenter version: 8.5

OS: Windows 10


Hi Koen,

I’m not sure the cause of your issue.
Could you please send us a screenshot or video to illustrate the issue so we can check?


Dear Tuyen,

Does this help?

When I set the video quality at 100% when exporting, AP doesn’t leave the video as is, but makes it bigger!

Hi Koen,

Unfortunately, the only way to reduce the size is selecting a lower quality value. ActivePresenter always re-compresses videos to remove unexpected problems in original sources as well as to physicalize the editing operations in the editor.