Learning progress isn't recorded on LMS

I recently imported a SCORM package produced by using ActivePresenter 9 to Canvas LMS. When I used a student account to complete viewing all slides and returned to LMS, I found my status is shown as incomplete.
Moreover, when I revisit the same package, sometimes the resume option is shown but sometimes not.
May I ask what is the best method for ActivePresenter to record the user’s progress? Is there a difference between clicking the next button on the playbar and clicking a next button embedded to the slide?
Thank you!

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows



It would be helpful if you can create an account on Canvas LMS and give us the ID and password to check. If it is possible, kindly send us the account information via support@atomisystems.com.
Also, please let us know which SCORM version that Canvas LMS support? SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or both?

For your information, the Resume option won’t be shown if you completed the presentation before.

All the best,

Hi Thuy,

Thank you for your reply.
Due to privacy concern, I am afraid I can’t share the access right to you.
Just tried upload an exported SCORM package to the Moodle Sandbox and found similar problem. I uploaded the package by logging in as teacher role and then changed my role as student to view the package. The completion status shows as Completed.
However, when I logged in as student and manager, the status doesn’t show as completed even when I have completed viewing the whole package (i.e., all slides).
I can share the files (both project and SCORM) to you. But when I clicked the upload button, I was prompted that new users cannot upload file.
Please find below package uploaded to Moodle Sandbox temporarily for your kind check.
You can find the log in information on the page. But the site will reset in around 50 minutes.
If you can’t access the file, kindly let me upload the files to you. Thank you.


Hi Tony,

There are some things that seem to confuse you.
And here is some information I’d like to clarify for you:

  • When you complete a SCORM package, then re-enter it, you have to redo it from the scratch.
    If you just want to check the result, please go to the LMS’s Reports section instead of opening the SCORM again.

  • On Moodle Sandbox, if you log in as a teacher role and then change to student role, it’s still teacher account.
    When logging in as student role, it’s a different account. That’s the reason why you cannot view the result that you did before by teacher account with student role.

Hope that it addresses your concern.
Have a nice new week,

Hi Thuy,

Thank you for your information and sorry for my late reply.

Students sometimes revisit completed packages not only for checking their result but reviewing what have been learned before.

If revisiting of a completed package will reset the previous completion status, the students and teachers may get confused.

Just wanted to see if there is any way to avoid resetting of completion status due to revisit. Thank you.

Hi again, Tony

Regarding your question, we are considering supporting it in our upcoming updates.

Enjoy your time,

Hi Thuy,

Thank you so much for your help. I believe it will enhance the product.