Last Slide of presentation is for navigation

The last slide of my presentation hast just Hyperlinks for different modules.
When exporting to SCORM there is a popup in German

“The last slide contains a pause-option. This can prevent the presentation from being finished”

At the end of each module, learnes land on this navigation page. Will it affect the progress?

ActivePresenter version:



Yes - If you export as SCORM and use the project in an LMS to track completion - the pause can keep that from happening.

On your last slide - make sure that the auto advance option is checked.
That will allow the project to fully complete.

Make sure you don’t have any other pause elements on the slide.


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Thank you so much.

But will it count as progress if Someone finishes Module 1 (slide 1 - 10), then he is redirected to the navigation slide (last slide of project with hyperlinks to other slides/modules). People are redirected to this slide 4 times in total and they can skip from module to module.

and another quick question:

What is the difference between

  • practise
  • demo
  • tutorial
  • test

do those exports behave in different manners, when being uploaded to an LMS?

what would be the right option for “user has to look at 80 percent of slides to get an certificate”?

Have a quick view of the manual starting at page 353.
This part covers the Operation Modes that you mention.
There is an explanation of each and a nice chart that outlines the functions supported by each one.

Personally, I mostly use the practice mode for my projects.

When you say that the learner is redirected - is that automatic or does the learner have the option to click a button to get there?

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Thank you so much - again!!!

Yes, the learner has to click on a button, e.g. Module 3 - Explosives…

Hi @felix,

If your project contains multiple modules and those modules can be skipped or taken in any order, you can keep pausing on the last slide (i.e. its Auto Advance is unchecked) and use an End Presentation action to make the presentation complete.

You can insert a button with the End Presentation action to the last slide and require the user to click the button when they finish viewing all modules or necessary modules.

You can also do it automatically by adding some variables (e.g. one variable for the completion status of each module), and run the End Presentation action in the On Load event of the last slide if those variables meet a certain condition.



Thank you so much! That’s the ideal solution for the problem! Best. Support. Ever!

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