Lag of video after recording

I recorded a very long video with lag . I have it saved as a project and now I want to export it as a .mp4 or any other format that will remove the lagging. Is it possible?

ActivePresenter version:
Version 8.0.7
OS: Windows 10



Please try recording with H.264 video codec and Direct3D option enabled as described in this tutorial:
to see if it helps.

However, please noted that ActivePresenter was designed mainly for creating high-quality training videos with much emphasis on editing capabilities. It wasn’t intended as a simple screen recorder for recording very long sessions.
So, it’ll work well when you record around 1 hour.


Thanks for that. I know next time I will do that. How can i export existing recorded video without lag please? Any advise on this specific issue will help me a lot as it is a very important video that I am not able to re-record.


Unfortunately, there is no way to do that in this case.


Thank you. Any option to improve at least the already recorded lagging in the video ? I tried to export with the best fps settings and quality but the lagging is still there. Any advise on this will be very much appreciated.

Hi Giannis,

The situation is similar to that you want to generate a full picture but you only have a half of it. It is impossible with common technical methods.


I see thanks, please close the ticket