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Although I know you have ActivePresenter and Saola products which have different purposes, I quite often have projects which need much of the Presenter features, but would also need to be able to pause the timeline at some point on other objects than audio or video. I mean to make a break after the appearance of a couple of objects. Do yo have any suggestions to do that?
I tried a couple of things like hidden timer or an invisible button with the “pause presentation” option make it transparent and as big as the slide. All this is pretty tedious.
Probably you have better ideas?
It could be helpful to have the “pause presentation” option on all objects. In this case I could continue the presentation with different solutions.



Thank you for the nice suggestions. Now, it seems there is no way better than what you did.

We will improve it in the future (such as trigger on Timeline or “pause” in normal objects…).


Nice to hear that. Do you have any idea when it would be available.


We don’t have an exact plan for this feature yet.



Would you have any news about this feature?
Thank you.