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Key Stroke to advance presentation

Problem: To speed up testing of a presentation I want to be able to advance to the next slide and thought using a Key Stroke object could achieve that. However after inserting a Key Stroke object into the first slide, deleting the Correct and Incorrect messages which I don’t require and adding the Go Forward 1 Slide action to the On Correct event, I can’t see how to make it Show over Multiple Slides.

If I use Batch Operations to insert a Key Stroke object, then I have to go to each slide individually to delete the the Correct and Incorrect messages.

I just want a Key Stroke object with the same Correct Value on all slides.

ActivePresenter version: 7

OS: Win10



To add Key Strokes to all slides, you can use Slide Master. (Add a Key Stroke to a layout in Slide Master). To open Slide Master: In the View tab > Slide Master.
Then, replace the On Correct/On In Correct events of the Key Stroke with the On Key Press event as in the image below:
Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 17.28.06

For more information about Slide Master, please refer to this tutorial: