Key Stroke Interaction doesn't work for = or - in Firefox

Problem: Key Stroke Interaction doesn’t work for = or - in Firefox, IE

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.5

OS: Windows 10

Notes: I have ‘Enable Keyboard Navigation’ disabled for HTML5 output. Key Strokes do work in Chrome and Opera


Thank you for your report. We’ll try to fix it in the next update.


Hi, thanks for the reply. There are also problems with return and space. They both seem to ‘executing’ the focused element rather than action assigned to the key, if there is no focused element exists then space and return execute all showing elements (if the focused element is a text box then space works as is it should). This problem occurs in all browsers I’ve tested (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE).


It’s not a bug, it’s the standard behavior of a button which follows WAI-ARIA specs. If a button element is focused, pressing Space or Enter will activate that button. You may see that buttons in most applications will work that way.

In case there’s no element (which handles Space and Enter) has focus, these key will works as other keys: trigger correct actions if there’s any Key Stroke objects which have the pressed key is set as the correct value, otherwise trigger incorrect actions on all Key Stroke and Mouse Click objects.


Hi, I understand the behaviour when an element has focus, however when no element has focus every button element visible has it’s on click action executed when space or enter are pressed. I can work around this by changing the buttons to images with mouse clicks but it would be a lot of work.
Is there anyway to make keystrokes for space and enter take precedence over activation of focused elements?

Oh, I forgot that you’re using version 6.1.5.
I confirm that it’s a bug in version 6.1.5, we’ll try to fix it in future updates.
However, this issue doesn’t occur in version 7, so please consider upgrading to the latest version 7.2.1.


are all projects saved with 6.1.5 compatible with version 7?


Yes, projects created with older versions will always be compatible with newer version.


Thanks for your help.