Keeping the presentation always full-screen

Problem: How to put an action on the Event OnLoad of the slide to make the “escape” or any other keys of my choice ineffective on my computer keyboard?

ActivePresenter version:


My goal is to make the user stay on my full-screen presentation and not have control on stopping the presentation.

Hi Deni,

It is not possible to load the project in fullscreen mode by default since browsers require that fullscreen mode must be initiated by the user. Besides, the escape key is for the browser to exit the fullscreen mode so you cannot disable it either.


I’m developing a project for an interactive panel. So, in this case, I must disable the escape key. That’s why I posted my question initially.
Any suggestions regarding a virtual keyboard floating on the screen and how to implement it in my presentation?

This issue is related to browsers, over which ActivePresenter has no control, so I’m afraid there is no solution for this, unfortunately.


If you have the full control of your device, you can try remapping the keys.
Take a look at Where can I find Windows keyboard scancode registry information? - Super User.
I have not tried it yet, so take at your risk.

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Thank you! I’ll test it.

Have you found the resolution?
I have found information about the Kiosk mode on Windows and Edge browser. It looks interesting.
You can check the links below:
Set up a single-app kiosk on Windows - Configure Windows | Microsoft Learn
Configure Microsoft Edge kiosk mode | Microsoft Learn

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I have not had the chance to test it. But thank you so much for the suggestion…