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Dear support,
I’m new to AP. Recently we had the idea of an interactive video, where users have to answer questions at the end of each slide in order to continue the video. In case they fail they should move to the beginning of the slide, view the video again and answer the question again. I found that “Go backwards 1 slide” is the only option I have for navigation or is there a way to restart the same slide?
Best wishes

ActivePresenter version: 8.3

OS: Windows 10


You could add a variable with default value false. Then set the event “adjust variable” to true and “go to slide x” on the the submit button or incorrect feedback slide. Then say on slide x the event “start timeline” with the action “start timeline”

If I understood your problem correctly, then this could be a good workaround.

Dear Sheree,
thank you for the hint. This works so far, however I used a slightly different approach (putting the current slide index in a variable and then use this variable minus 1 (!) as new slide index for the action).
What can I do to reset the question every time it is presented to the user? I tried “Clear User Input” in the incorrect-event as well as deactivating “Retain state” in the objects but so far the the question does not fully reset.
Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

You should add Clear User Input action to On Load event of the slide contains the question.
Regarding the Restart current slide action, you should have use Go to Slide at Index with the variable apCurrentSlideIndex but it’s not possible with the current version of ActivePresenter due to bug. We’ll fix it in the future updates.


Dear Toan,
I put the value of apCurrentSlideIndex in a variable and then subtracted 1. This seems to work so far.
Unfortuneatly automatically reseting the user’s input does not work. If I create a “reset button” with the same event it works though. Do you have any further ideas how to solve this?
Best wishes

Please send your project to support@atomisystems.com so that we can check.


Hi @ludger,

We’ve just released version 8.4 which you can use apCurrentSlideIndex variable to restart the current slide:

The index starts from 1 so your workaround will not work correctly with version 8.4.
Please update your project using the action I mentioned above.
I’m sorry for this inconvenience.