Issue with Resources Pane

I think there is an issue with the resources pane when you have a lot of resources.

My current project has several hundred resources, and I have also recreated the problem by dropping a couple of hundred resources into a new project.

The issue is that if try and select a resource from further down the list, requiring you to scroll, the resource list jumps to nearer the top and you have to scroll back down.

It doesn’t always seem to happen but it’s often enough to be a nuisance.

If you cannot recreated it, I’ll do a screen cast.

Hi Mack,

We’re closing for our public holidays.
We’ll check this issue when we’re back at work on this Thursday (May 02).


Hi Toan Le,

Thanks for the update. Enjoy your holidays.


Hi Mack,

I can’t reproduce this issue.
Did you double-click a symbol resource to edit it?
If so, Resources pane is reload (to hide resources that can’t be used in the new symbol, e.g. the symbol itself) so it doesn’t keep the scroll position.


Morning Toan Le,

I think I’m just using it normally.

I’ve created a screen cast of the problem occurring. You can see within the first few seconds that the resource selected near the end of the list causes the list to jump back up towards the middle.

The video is here:

I have not managed to find a pattern as to what I might be doing, but did notice this morning that it seems limited to list mode as small icon mode didn’t do it.

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Thanks for the video, Mack.
The issue occurs when changing selection from a media resource to another type of resource (or vice versa) in list view mode.
We’ll try to fix this issue in future releases.