Is it possible to sort object-pictures-to "good" and "bad" categories

I am working on project in which I need to test attendees. The task is to sort pictures/objects to two groups: good an bad ones. Then attendee should submit her/his solution. Is it possible to make it by using of “drop” object?

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.5

OS: Windows 10


Hi Tomas,

It’s possible to let learners soft objects to two groups using drop area. Just open the Insert tab to insert two drop areas. Please refer to the below sample for more details:
Drop Area Sample.approj (1.0 MB)

Besides, there is another better way to do that is using a Drag-n-Drop question.
Here is a sample for your reference:
Drag-n-Drop Question Sample.approj (808 KB)


Dear Yen,
Great! This is exactly what I need. Many thanks for Your quick reply.
Active Presenter is just great tool.

With kind regards,