Is it possible to limit the number of hot spot touches?

In survey mode, is it possible to limit the number of touches they can click for a hot-spot question?

ActivePresenter Version: V8.05

OS: Required. Windows


In both Survey and Graded mode, to limit the number of touches when you click a hotspot, you can use Multiple Response check box. (In the Properties pane of the question > Interactivity > General > Multiple Response.)

If this box is checked, you can click many spots on an image. And each click you made is considered as an answer.
Otherwise, if you clear this box, just your last last click is accepted as your answers.

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Thanks, however is there any way to limit this to only three responses?


Unfortunately, the current version of ActivePresenter doesn’t have this feature yet.
We will try to support it in the future.

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Is it possible to convert this post into a feature request?

Thanks for your feedback. We have added this into our TODO list.


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