Ipad sound issue when changing scenes

It may be on other mobile devices as well but the client is just using desktop and ipads.

Each of the scenes in the project has audio which starts automatically from the timeline. Because of how audio now works in the browser, there is a start button on the first scene to active the project and allow media to play.

On the desktop it’s fine. The audio on the subsequent scenes plays regardless of how the scene changes occur - auto, jump to action or JS.

On the ipad (Chrome & Safari), the audio only plays automatically on the next scene if the scene change occurs using the Jump to action from a user interaction such as a button click.


ipad-auto-sound.saolapack (160.2 KB)

iOS again :disappointed:
I’m sorry for this inconvenience.
We’ll try to find a workaround for this issue soon.


Thanks. The joys of iOS :slight_smile:

Do we know why it works when you use a user interaction (such as clicking a button) to change scenes?

Hi Mack,

On iOS, autoplay policy is per-element. It requires user interaction to start playing each unmuted media element.
The workaround is creating media elements once, unmute them in a user gesture, and reuse them for all scenes. Please see the script in onDocCreated and onStartButtonClicked functions in the package below.

ipad-auto-sound-fixed.saolapack (160.9 KB)


Thanks for this. I’ll have a look at it as soon as I get finished on the latest changes.

Hi Toanis,

I did try this but whilst your example worked - it did odd things to my project but the project does have a mix of JS audio and time-line audio.

However, I noticed that we have an update and after installing can confirm that iPad sound now plays across scenes even when Jump To Next scene is used instead of a button. Thank you for this and the quick turn around.

Also checked that sounds on the time line plays correctly when editing and this works as well. Cheers.

On a different note, just a word of thanks for an excellent piece of software. My current project is nearly finished and recent testing shows it works consistent well on Chrome, Edge, Firefox for W10, Safari & Chrome on the iPad and Chrome on Android.

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Thank you Mack for your quick feedback and your compliment.